2/29/12 I am a mother of three children who have received excellent service from Dr. Kasso. Our experience in my sons case happened be a difficult one. Dr. Kasso was very knowledgeable and kind. My son loved Dr. Kasso! Both of my girls as well their teeth look gorgeous. I recommend this orthodontist to everyone!!! Mother of three. ~ Jenny P.

1/19/2012 Excellent- is the best word I can think of to say how happy I am with Dr. Kasso & his team!!!! I have four children who all had their teeth done by Dr. Kasso; he & his staff are amazing. Thea his office manager is wonderful!!! I can only tell you that I always get told how beautiful my children's teeth are & that though each child had their challenges all four look amazing- Several other orthodontists told me my chilldren would need to have teeth pulled due to their situation...Dr. Kasso said there's a better way, but it will take a bit more time....the best decision I made was put my trust in him & it was well worth it!!!! Most importantly my kids think so!!!!Thanks Dr. Kasso!!!! ~ Debbie M.

5/3/11 I am very thankful that my daughter is a patient of Dr Kasso's. She has a tooth in her mouth that has not errupted and is laying on a nerve. Dr Kasso met with us at the oral surgeon's office and stayed with us through the surgery she had to have. We really appreciated all to the doctor's support. He has treated both of my daughter's for orthodontics and our experience has been nothing but excellent with him as well as with his staff. ~ Patricia B.

4/29/11 Two out of our Three children have been treated by Dr. Kasso. My son also had a difficult case. He had a under bite which required two different set of braces. At no time did I ever feel he was trying to add on extra charges. Just the opposite actually he helped us! We have three children 15,13,12 years in age. We had our 13 year old next. She also had a cross bite which Dr. Kasso was able to correct in just under a year. My youngest is next! All three of my children love Dr. Kasso. ~ Christine H.

4/17/11 My daughter had a severe overbite and big arch in the roof of her mouth, and several dentists mentioned I will probably have to have her jaw broken to get it fixed. Dr Kasso had the wait and see approach, he was very kind and said there is still a change he can correct it without the abrasive procedure. Her mouth is coming out great!! We did not have to break her jaw as many others dentist mentioned we would have to do. In addition my daughter use to be frighten of the Dentist/Ortho, she has formed a wonderful bond with Dr. Kasso and looks forward to going to all her appt.. Dr Kasso was referred to us by many family and friends, we travel over 30 miles just to go to his office. ~ Sherri C.

4/14/11 Dr. Kasso has treated two of my children I was very impressed with knowledge. My son had complicated case. And he and his staff were wonderful. My sons teeth look beautiful! My daughter had a cross bite and she just got her braces off and her teeth look great. I highly recomend Dr. Kasso he is very friendly and my children loved him. ~ Christine K.

4/11 We have been very pleased with the care and professionalism of Dr Kasso and his staff. My son completed his treatment in a timely manner we did not have any unforseen surprises or costs with his treatment. Because my son played high school football they helped accommodate our schedules. When my son had an injury to his front tooth after braces were removed from playing rugby Dr Kasso saw my son in the office he was very kind, helpful and compassionate. Dr Kasso was instrumental in helping us save the tooth, and recommended a custom fit mouth guard for sports. Many athletes only wear over the counter mouth guards and custom fit ones I believe would have helped against this injury. My son has a beautiful smile and we owe a special thank you to Dr Kasso and his staff. I have recommended Dr Kasso to all my family for their orthodontic care. ~ Toinette F.

3/23/11 I have been thoroughly satisfied with Dr. Kasso and his staff. Being my second round of braces, once as a teenager and now in my 50's, this was definitely better. Very comfortable office and the prices considerably less than the 'highly' recommended other Orthodontist in Ripon. They do not have all the overwhelming high tech gadgets, but I do not want to spend a lot of time there anyway. My smile is better than ever and everytime I left I wanted to announce to the waiting room, WEAR YOUR RETAINER, or you will be back!! ~ D.G.

3/7/11 We met Dr. Kasso when he was recommended to us for our oldest daughter who needed braces. Over the course of the next two years he treated her including braces, retainers, and full completion of the orthodontic work. We were very pleased with both his interactions and the outcome. As to cost all I know is that he was considerably less expensive than I was expecting based on my own orthodontic experiences. We took our oldest son to him for an evaluation, He identified a potential problem with the jaw bone growth and so he monitored it for several years until he could determine that the jaw was not going to keep growing. My son went away to college before he could get braces. If we could get him to travel home more frequently Dr. Kasso would be our first (only) choice as his orthodontist. Based on his treatment of our two older children I would strongly recommend Dr. Kasso to anyone in need of orthodontic work. I must note that his subsequent work with our youngest son was so wonderful that I have written a separate review for him. ~ Frank C.

3/11 All 4 kids adore Dr. Kasso. My eldest child got her braces begining in 1997 & youngest child came out of braces at the end of 2011. He has always been a professional and perfectionist and my children have the most gorgeous teeth & beautiful smiles to prove it! ~ Frank C.

2/2/11 Because of Dr. Kasso my son still has his front teeth. When our son sustained a serious facial injury involving his teeth we called Dr. Kasso (after our dentist's answering service failed to respond). We had known Dr. Kasso from his work with our older children - he had never met our youngest who is seriously developmentally delayed. The accident occurred late on a Saturday afternoon. When we reached Dr. Kasso he came in from home to his office, examined our son, took xrays, and gave an initial assessment on the course of action to follow. A few days later he travelled to Dr. Mills office in Ripon where they did extensive work to move the injured teeth back into position and he put braces on them to hold them in place until they recovered. He then maintained the braces with multiple office visits. Since our son was afraid of the dental chair Dr. Kasso would come into the waiting room to see him. When additional braces were required Dr. Kasso accomplished this without anesthesia by putting on one box (anchor?) on at a time in successive office visits - this was all our son could tolerate in a single sitting. Dr. Kasso is certainly professionally very competent - he is also a patient, kind, caring, compassionate individual.


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